Monday, March 15, 2010

Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences (DNYS)

What is DNYS?
Ans:- Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences (DNYS)

Naturopathy Course DNYS - The DNYS course(3 1/2 yr duration) conducted by Akhila Bharatiya Prakritik chikitsa parishad, New Delhi.

DIPLOMA in Naturopathy & yoga Sciences(DNYS)
As study & Exam centre of Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Praishad New Delhi

Min. Qualification 10+2
Duration 3 Years+6months practical training
Medium Hindi/English
Examination December/ June
Eligibility fo rExam Each candidate has to submit in each year
*75% Attendance classes * 3 Assignments
* One Modal * Project of Min. 100 pages.
Ist Year IInd Year IIIrd Year
1. Nature cure Philosophy Pathology Fasting Nutrition
2 .Anatomy Hydro Therapy Massage
3 .Physiology Mud Therapy Yoga & Pranayam
4 .Public Health Hygiene Chromo Therapy Gynae & obstetrics
5. First aid Facial Expression Management of Diseases
Benefits of DNYS course

After completion of DNYS course, the candidate is to be registered with AINCF, Delhi. He is considered as Naturopathy & Yoga Practitioner. Naturopathy & Yoga Systam is duly approved & recognised by Govt.of India.

The candidate can open his own Naturopathy & Yoga Clinic/Hospital.He can also get better job opportunities in Private Clinics, Hospitals, Health Resorts & Govt. Services- Rajasthan & Central Govt., as per existing rules.

Speical attraction to these candidates is offered by Institute in Applicable Practical approach which are apart from other Institutions like-

1. Examination methods of patients, B.P., temp. Vital Signs etc.
2. Diagnosis of diseases.
3. Common Practical Blood, Urine, Stool & Sputum (TB) examinations.
4. Introductory Knowledge of X-Ray & ECG readings also provided.
5. Help in project formulation in various diseases.
6. Help in setting such type of clinics.

Contact: Dr. Laxmikant Sharma